Dalian Maple Leaf College of Technology is an ordinary higher vocational institute established with the approval of Liaoning provincial government, with the record by Education Ministry of China and with the plan of matriculate system. The college enjoys an advanced educational thought as well as the unique talent-cultivation mode and a combination of academic education, vocational education and educational ministry assistance, which was introduced in provincial and municipal education working conferences successively. Dalian Maple Leaf College of Technology aims to provide the most suitable study plan for diverse students who can obtain college and undergraduate education simultaneously and get both diplomas admitted by state with the qualified academic achievements in the corresponding school system.
Our college aims for establishing a distinctive vocational institute and creating a famous educational brand in port surrounding business. We carry out the important rule of “professionalism + capability + knowledge”. We train our students in the way of order training mode, school-enterprise cooperation and incorporation of instructing, learning and operating. In the meantime, we still attach importance to improving students’ overall qualities and training their specialized skills.
Our college is located in the Great Blackstone National Tourist Resort, Dalian, with the beautiful scenery. It has European building style and garden style sea-view campus. There are more than 4800 students at school plus 2000 amateur-training students each year. Four departments are set to satisfy the needs of employment market, namely, the department of Customs Declaration, Jewelry, International Education and Ship and Computer. With complete and latest teaching facilities, our college can be considered as an ideal place to study.
In order to introduce high-quality resources from abroad and further strengthen the exchange and cooperation of international education in our college, we carry out the international cooperation project, which also meet the needs of students to go abroad for further study and foreign children whose parents invest in Dalian to study here. And the project also aims to constantly promote the development of college education towards internationalization.


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